Working with Dr. Dunn has exceeded my expectations. I recommend her continually for the amazing work she has done. I feel 100x better than when I began with her!
— Stephanie
I would absolutely recommend Dr. Dunn’s services to others who are looking for a naturopathic doctor to be a part of their healthcare team.
— L. C.
After 3 abnormal paps, my gynecologist said I needed a cervical biopsy. Google yielded scary stuff about this procedure, so I dug deeper and found that some naturopaths had positive results in patients with similar, and even more extreme, situations. My search led me to Dr. Dunn, who agreed to treat me in the 6 months I bought from my reluctant gynecologist. When I asked her to postpone the biopsy, my gyno told me that I would have HPV for the rest of my life and that my paps would probably always be abnormal and I would have to have surgery, possibly even a hysterectomy. I was all the more determined to find another way. Dr. Dunn treated me not just for those issues but for sleep issues and chronic bronchitis. The treatments were easy, but as the date for my pap loomed, I got nervous–if the result was still abnormal, I’d have to have that awful biopsy that left so many women with bleeding, pain, and other issues. The pap results came in and my gynecologist was incredulous: no abnormalities, and no HPV! She asked me what I did (she didn’t remember what I’d told her before) but looked skeptical when I told her about my naturopath, Dr. Dunn. I said, “It worked, so it must be effective.” Nothing she could say about that! So, in 6 months my pap was normal and everything was clear on the gyno side. It took longer for the chronic bronchitis–a year or so–but I haven’t had an episode in 3 years now, and I’m feeling just as confident starting this new cold season.
— Christine B., COO
I had the utter joy of working with Dr. Dunn as Clinical Supervisor for the Integrative Pain Clinic at Bastyr Center for Natural Health. During that time, Dr. Dunn worked with many patients with severe pain and life challenging illnesses. Her poise, compassion, and peaceful nature were healing in and of themselves. How fortunate that I can also attest to her skill, knowledge and insight as a naturopathic doctor as well. If anyone wishes to see a naturopath with heart as well as brains, I’d go see Dr. Dunn.
— Brad S Lichtenstein, N.D., BCB Chair of the Homeopathic Medicine Departmentand Clinical Faculty, Bastyr University,School of Naturopathic Medicine
Working with Dr, Maureen Dunn has resulted in the most amazing positive results and the entire experience has been and continues to be life changing in fine tuning my attitude about how to read my body and be more supportive of healthy, fuller body care and life style.
— Ken Moore
I can’t recommend Dr. Dunn highly enough. I’ve tried to get my mother to start with her–hopefully she’ll do that soon. For any health issue anyone has, even long-term problems, I believe Dr. Dunn can solve them and bring you back to complete health.
— Christine B., COO
I mentored Dr. Dunn during her last year in the Naturopathic Doctor program at Bastyr University. At our busy cardiology clinic, she saw a wide range of conditions from basic disorders such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol values to more advanced conditions of coronary artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, deep vein thrombosis, and cardiac tamponade. She is curious, intelligent, and hard-working, all of which are attributes that are important when looking for a medical professional. She demonstrates great rapport with her clients and she is always focused on providing optimal care and healing.
— Gary Weeks, M.D., FACC, FSCAISummit Cardiology, Northwest Hospital, Seattle, WA
Dr. Dunn is a dedicated and extremely knowledgeable Naturopath. I worked with her at Bastyr University as her mentor, teacher, and clinician and I would trust her with my family. I have witnessed her help patients achieve their weight loss goals (one of her patients lost 50 pounds!), help patients reduce hypertension through lifestyle modifications and herbal medicine, and help patients with many other conditions ranging from graves disease and hypothyroid, to irritable bowel syndrome and food sensitivities. I would highly recommend and encourage you to seek out Dr. Dunn as your Naturopathic Doctor.
— Marisa Pellegrini, N.D.Naturopathic Physician – Chief Resident Bastyr Center for Natural Health
Working with Dr. Dunn closely as a clinical Team Leader at Bastyr University, I witnessed firsthand her ability to inspire, empower and motivate her patients toward a life that embraces their health goals, a life full of equanimity on all levels. Her belief in her patients and ability to adapt to their needs creates the nurturing environment needed for true healing. It was a pleasure working with her at the Bastyr University Clinic.
— John Hibbs, N.D.Professor, Bastyr University
Dr. Dunn was extremely thoughtful and thorough in her review of my history, including physical, mental, and emotional. She was a great listener and extremely knowledgeable about both eastern and western medicine. Further, she masterfully worked to uncover the root issues to my health concerns. For the first time in the past few year I was able to travel alone free of anxiety and feel well rested.
— S. G.
I had the unique opportunity and pleasure to work with Dr. Dunn multiple times over the last couple of years. I have retained her as my health advisor, even though she moved across the countrybecause I feel so comfortable working with her. We have worked on my low energy, sleep difficulties, and diet in the past. I have even turned to her during a tough emotional crisis, which is not something I ever considered doing with a PCP before. After the holidays, I really wanted to do a detox, but had failed many times in the past because of the side effects. Dr Dunn worked with me very closely to design a gentle program that I could live with, that addressed the side effects. We worked closely on it and because she monitored my progress we were able to maximize the effect. I learned a lot from her, really appreciated her personalized approach, and my health has benefitted from her knowledge.
— K. M.