I have always been passionate about natural health - since childhood I’ve always felt best when I exercised, meditated and ate well. Looking back on my childhood, it was my father who was my inspiration for becoming a Naturopathic Doctor. He was a big believer in minimizing conventional medicine, using it when necessary, and instead focusing on lifestyle to stay well. I only became aware of Naturopathic Medicine as I explored more holistic ways to approach my own health. When I discovered that it meant using lifestyle, homeopathy and botanical medicine to help heal and optimize your health, I knew I needed to learn more. 

I started to work with a Naturopathic Doctor on improving my immune system and sleep support. The work we did together was revolutionizing - not only did it change the way I looked at my health but also empowered me to take control my health. While I was earning my master’s degree at the University of Washington I began to take classes in health and slowly realized that I wanted to have a deeper understanding of the body as a whole and to use nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy and other natural remedies to heal myself and to help others heal. Thus, my journey at Bastyr began.

As a mother and wife I employ my Naturopathic training on a regular basis in my personal life. It plays an integral part in how my husband and I raise our child. This includes making sure she has a healthy diet, providing extra nutrients and botanicals depending on her needs, and emphasizing a lifestyle that is emotionally and physically nourishing. It isn’t always easy or a smooth process but I am always grateful to use my education to provide our child with a strong, healthy and resilient foundation.

If you are looking to get to the root cause of your illness or symptom and want to use a holistic approach to take back your health you have come to the right place. Or maybe you are looking for solutions that don’t just mask the problem or create additional problems. Lets work together to get you back on track with solutions that will not only provide fruitful results but will also help you feel younger, stronger and more resilient.

My family and I recently relocated from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and I am thrilled to accept new clients at One Roof in Saratoga Springs, NY. Appointments are available Tuesday thru Thursdays and I can be reached via email at drdunn@drmaureendunn.com or at (518) 581-3180 x 343.   


  • Graduate from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington – a four-year medical school and the world’s leading accredited university in the natural health sciences

  • Trained in primary care for the whole family

  • My expertise lies in helping women and their families suffering from and wanting to prevent chronic illness

  • Licensed in the state of Vermont

  • Serve as a Naturopathic health consultant in North Carolina and New York and as a Naturopathic Physician in Vermont

  • Member of the Vermont Association of Naturopathic Physicians

  • Member of the North Carolina Association of Naturopathic Physicians

  • Mentorships with Dr. Chasse, Dr. Weeks, Dr. Dicks, Dr. Freedman and Dr. Morstein

  • Master’s degree from the University of Washington in public affairs with a focus in environmental studies

  • Bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from Mount Holyoke College