1. What can I expect from my first visit with Dr. Maureen Dunn, ND?
    Please click here to visit our “what to expect” page.

  2. What types of conditions can a naturopathic doctor (ND) treat?
    Naturopaths are trained as primary care doctors and treat the entire spectrum of medical conditions, however, in the state of New York we are considered coaches or health consultants. Please note that Maureen Dunn, ND is not a physician in the state of New York. To learn more about this, visit the State Licensing page. I work with a wide range of illnesses and specialize in working with people suffering from chronic illness and those looking for preventative healthcare..

  3. Will my ND work with other health care practitioners?
    Yes. I consult with your health care provider as needed. I may also refer you to other specialists if necessary. I believe that each health care profession adds value and a unique perspective for the patient and that by working together we can all provide the best quality care possible.

  4. Will my ND accept insurance?
    No, I am unable to accept insurance at this time, but I will work with flexible spending accounts. Contact your benefit provider to find out what services are covered with your plan.

  5. What type of training does a ND receive?
    Please read Practitioner Training.

  6. What payment methods do you accept?
    I accept cash, checks and major credit cards. Payment-in-full is due at the time of service.

  7. What is the Naturopathic medical philosophy?
    I will design an individualized health plan for you, based on the Naturopathic medicine model.

  • First Do No Harm:  Naturopathic Doctors avoid high-force interventions whenever possible. Depending on the patient’s state of health, we work with gentle therapies. It is important to note that there are situations when high-force interventions are absolutely necessary.

  • Healing Power of Nature:  Each individual has the innate ability to heal with the proper support. We support the body’s natural ability to heal, through therapies, lifestyle and dietary recommendations.

  • Treat the Cause:  There is always an underlying cause of your illness. We aim to identify the underlying cause to restore health.

  • Heal the Whole Person:  We specialize in treating our patients as a unique individual with specific physical, mental, emotional, genetic, and spiritual make-up and needs. We address all of these factors to help you achieve your health and life goals.

  • Physician as Teacher:  Education is key to understanding the foundation of health. We educate and empower each patient to achieve long-term health.

  • Prevention:  Identifying risk factors and hereditary susceptibilities is essential to prevent chronic disease. We work with our patients to identify these factors to ensure long-term health.

  • Wellness:  Most everyone can achieve wellness. Once health has been established, it is important to maintain optimum health and balance. We work with each patient once they have achieved health to maintain wellness.

Working with Dr, Maureen Dunn has resulted in the most amazing positive results and the entire experience has been and continues to be life changing in fine tuning my attitude about how to read my body and be more supportive of healthy, fuller body care and life style.
— K. M.