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After 3 abnormal paps, my gynecologist said I needed a cervical biopsy. Google yielded scary stuff about this procedure, so I dug deeper and found that some naturopaths had positive results in patients with similar, and even more extreme, situations. My search led me to Dr. Dunn, who agreed to treat me in the 6 months I bought from my reluctant gynecologist. When I asked her to postpone the biopsy, my gyno told me that I would have HPV for the rest of my life and that my paps would probably always be abnormal and I would have to have surgery, possibly even a hysterectomy. I was all the more determined to find another way. Dr. Dunn treated me not just for those issues but for sleep issues and chronic bronchitis. The treatments were easy, but as the date for my pap loomed, I got nervous–if the result was still abnormal, I’d have to have that awful biopsy that left so many women with bleeding, pain, and other issues. The pap results came in and my gynecologist was incredulous: no abnormalities, and no HPV! She asked me what I did (she didn’t remember what I’d told her before) but looked skeptical when I told her about my naturopath, Dr. Dunn. I said, “It worked, so it must be effective.” Nothing she could say about that! So, in 6 months my pap was normal and everything was clear on the gyno side. It took longer for the chronic bronchitis–a year or so–but I haven’t had an episode in 3 years now, and I’m feeling just as confident starting this new cold season.
— C. B.