A year from now you will wish you had started today” Karen Lamb

This TAKE CHARGE of your health Program allows you to dig deeper for the root cause your health issues and develop a partnership with Dr. Dunn. I believe these are the ingredients for the highest of quality healthcare.

What Does the Concierge Program Include?

The Concierge Program is a quarterly health care membership that provides for a deeper level of care and partnership between you and Dr. Dunn. The intensive Concierge Program is open to a limited number of patients to ensure adequate time and attention on both parts to address your needs and achieve your health goals. The Concierge Program includes all of the following:

  • Quarterly Program: I will help optimize your health using lifestyle factors, herbal medicine, supplements and homeopathy

  • Appointments (in person, phone or video) as needed: I have discovered patients thrive when they meet as they need – which varies from every other week to monthly, depending on what we are addressing and the ailments

  • Phone calls/emails in between visits as needed

  • Educational webinar: webinar presented by Dr. Dunn that addresses topics YOU are interested in

  • Supplement discount: 10% off all supplements

Why Concierge Is a Great Fit For You

Want to tackle an oncoming cold, sinus infection, recurrent urinary tract infections, indigestion, anxiety, IBS, insomnia or other symptom with alternative therapies? Or do you have a more complex long-standing illness that requires more attention and frequency of visits? If yes, concierge is a good fit for you.

This program offers significant cost savings and freedom for anyone that needs or wants more care than traditional appointment based services can provide. You can make appointments as you need, have timely follow ups, and reach out in between. Current Concierge clients find meeting every other week in the beginning of the Program makes a significant difference for their health – mental, emotional and physical. I truly believe this model will benefit you with regards to your health and cost savings.

Cost Savings

  • Significant cost savings – you pay a one-time quarterly fee and you can make appointments as frequently as you need them

Individualized Attention

  • Make appointments as you need them

  • Have timely follow-ups which may be the following week or following month, depending on what we think you need and what would benefit you most

Easy Access

  • We will stay in touch via email or phone between appointments as you need


  • We can meet in-person, over the phone or via video

  • You have the flexibility to schedule an appointment when you need an appointment

Cost of the Program

The program is $900 per quarter. There are family plans available if you would like to add 1-3 additional family members, please contact Dr. Dunn for more information. There is limited space so sign up today if you would like to join!

Sign Up Today!

If you are interested in signing up or have questions please call or email Dr. Dunn today! You can email Dr. Dunn on the portal or at or call at 518-581-3180 x 343 and we will set up a time to discuss in greater detail.